JavaScript, JavaScript datatypes, datatypes, Primitive and Non-Primitive Datatypes
1)JavaScript Different Data Types:
1) Primitive Data Types?
2) Non-Primitive Data Types?
3) Differences between Primitive and Non-Primitive Data Types?
2) JavaScript Type Of Operators:
1) Typeof Operator?
2) Instanceof Operator?
1) Primitive Data Types?
Ans) A Primitive data value is a simple data value with no additional properties and methods.
The typeof operator can return one of these primitive types.
• String
• Number
• Boolean
• Undefined
• Null

2) Non-Primitive data types?
Arrays,- Regular Expressions
Objects  Instance through which we access members.
3) Differences Between Primitive and non-primitive:
 Objects such as functions and arrays are referred to as non-primitive values.
 The fundamental differences between primitives and non-primitives are that primitives are immutable and non-primitives are mutable.
 Non-primitives values are mutable data types.
 The value of an object can be changed after it gets created.
JavaScript typeof operator : Returns the type of a variable.
JavaScript instanceof operator :
Returns true if an object is an instance of an object type.

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