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Today in this tutorial we discuss on the topic is:
JavaScript Statements
1) What are JavaScript statements?
2) How to write comments in JavaScript?
3) Semicolons?
4) JavaScript white spaces?
5) JavaScript line length and line breaks?
1Ans) JavaScript statements are
 A computer program is a list of “instructions” to be “executed” by a computer.
 In a programming language, these programming instructions are called statements.
 A JavaScript program is a list of programming statements.
 Values, Operators, Expressions, Keywords, and Comments.
2Ans) single line and multiple line comments.
3Ans) Semicolons:
 Semicolons separate JavaScript statements.
 Add a semicolon at the end of each executable statement.
 Ending statements with semicolon is not required, but highly recommended.
4Ans) White spaces:
 JavaScript ignores multiple spaces. You can add white space to your script to make it more readable.
 For best readability, programmers often like to avoid code lines longer than 80 characters.
 If a JavaScript statement does not fit on one line, the best place to break it is after an operator:

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