Installation guide to Bracket -The Best Code Editor for Web Development.

Hey there everyone I am Siddharth Sahoo and you are watching Coded worm. In this video we are going to see how to download the brackets code editor and its installation steps and if you’re not familiar with the brackets code editor , then you probably need to watch my previous video.

Let’s get started just go and search Brackets on Google .Open the very first link that is hit the download button and there you go .After completion of the application setup. Right click and hit to the install. Choose the path and hit next. Click to install .Here you go installation of bracket is done.

Now let’s open the brackets and do a small test run to check whether bracket it is working fine or not .Open a new file save that file with .html extension.Press exclamatory and tab to write the entire HTML structure. Hold your sits because you are going to love this life preview functionality of Bracket. Let’s give some title to the web page and write anything to the body let’s say this is the life preview functionality I was talking about. As we are done with installation and testing part in this video this video ends here.

Till then stay tuned for learning some serious web development and If you want to learn more about programming and other related stuff start now by hitting the subscribe icon so you don’t miss anything thank you so much for watching I will see you next time.
Thank you.

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