How To Start A Blog For Dummies 2017

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So you’ve decided to start a blog of your own, huh? That’s a good idea. Now you are probably wondering how you will get started. Fortunately, starting a blog in 2017 is now easier more than ever. Couples of year’s back you need to have a good knowledge of HTML to be able to create your own a blog.

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Still confused? Don’t be, this guide will give you everything you need to create a blog as a complete beginner.

I was once a newbie too. In fact, every ace web designer you see today was once a newbie too. All you need to create a perfect blog is passion to go into an unfamiliar territory and then this guide, How to start a blog for dummies 2017

Why Do You Need To Create Your Own Blog

Blogging has become pretty popular in recent years, people have discovered how to start a blog for dummies 2017 and how thousands of dollars can be made from blog and other benefits associated with blogging.

Here are some reasons why you need to create your own blog:

Blogging is a perfect and quick medium through which you can easily communicate and spread information and news.

It is an opportunity to build your brand.

It provides a perfect platform to express yourself and share your opinions on some topics.

Here Are Quick Easy Steps On How You Can Create Your Own Blog:

Decide which niche you want to blog about

Design your blog

Post consistently on your blog

So that’s it, we are going to cover these 5 easy steps in the rest of this article and how you can apply them to create a blog that you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t worry, we will hold you by hand and tell you everything you need until you finally be able to create and find out how to start a blog for dummies 2017 with a perfect blog.

Step 1 – Choose Your Niche

Choosing what you want to blog about is the first most important decision you can make when you’ve finally decided to create a blog.

You can’t create a blog that deals with topics about travels, news, music, religion, sports all at the same time especially when you are just getting started learning how to start a Blog for Dummies 2017 and beyond

Step 2 – Choose Your Preferred Platform

Like we stated above, you don’t need to know anything about html to be able to create a perfect and professional-looking blog today and learn how to start a blog for dummies 2017. There are many free and premium web editors that you can use to create your blog.

The popular platforms for creating your blog include:


Web builders by host companies

Here are reasons why we choose WordPress:

Easy to set up

Professional-looking blog

Step 3 – Choosing Free or Paid Platform

This is a tough decision among amateurs and beginners into the world of blogging. It is the biggest decision you can take. There are advantages between choosing either free or paid platform for your blog.

Step 4 – Choosing Your Domain Name

So we hope you made the right choice and choose to go with us and learn how to start a blog for dummies 2017 and WordPress, you will definitely enjoy having your blog to run on this popular platform, you will never lack support and you can get free stuffs to make your blog better meanwhile at mean time you have to choose your domain name when your trying to find out how to start a blog from scratch 2017.

Your domain name is just the URL of your blog which anyone can use to find your blog. Example of domain is or Find out how to start a blog for Dummies 2017 and then Choose a domain name that is relevant to your niche; make it short, catchy and very interesting. You can get a domain name as low as $5 from the popular and trusted domain name registrars

Step 5 – Choose Your Web Host
A Web host is just company that helps you to publish your website on internet so that everyone can always see it. Once you choose a web hosting company, all your web pages will be saved on their server which can be accessed electronically from any part of the world.

Step 6 – Designing Your WordPress Blog

Your Web host company can allow you to easily install WordPress from your dashboard in one click. Once you’ve installed your WordPress, you can begin to design your web pages.

We recommend that you choose a theme that is professional looking and very easy to customize. There are some features on WordPress that allows you to change themes with just few clicks.

Your blog should reflect your beliefs and your personality; it should be very easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for. In 2017, making your blog responsive is one of the most important factors that you cannot neglect. Make sure that your blog can correctly and quickly appear in every device such as smartphones, tables, Phablet and PCs.

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