How To Make A Website With WordPress – WordPress Tutorial For Beginners [2018]
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Make A Website With WordPress

Probably you are planning to bring your business online and need a website for that. That is
why your search result directed you here on this page. For beginners, it may be a little
challenging task, but if you follow expert tips to make website with WordPress, things can
be little easier.

The best idea is to go through the tutorial below and collect step by step guidelines about
how to build your own website using WordPress. And the great news is that you can
complete this task even without learning a specific code. This guide is suitable for people
with variable skill levels and almost all age groups.

Essentials for building a website online:

First of all, it is important to understand what you need to start building your own website
using the WordPress platform. Start by choosing an appropriate domain name where you
will make your website live on the internet. The second requirement is WordPress hosting
where all your stuff related to the website will be stored. Finally, it needs a few minutes
from your busy life. Paying undivided attention is a good choice to ensure fast website

Some of you might be worried about the cost of designing a website with the WordPress
platform. Generally, the minimum price for hosting a simple website on WordPress is
somewhere around $100 per year, and the price may go as high as up to $30,000 per year
with varying features. The best advice from experts to create a WordPress website is
starting with the smaller plan and then switch to the additional features as your needs grow.

Note that WordPress is available for free and it comes with numbers of website design
templates that anyone can access with ease. This website designing platform is extremely
flexible and is compatible with most other third-party tools available online.
Once you are ready with your website idea; it is time to follow the WordPress tutorial for
beginners as discussed below:

Step 1: Outline the website content

In order to start your WordPress website design, first of all, you should work on the
important pieces of the website content. It is important to outline the critical information
that you would like to add to different pages on the website. Make sure your website
content is capable enough to highlight the unique features of your brand/business and can
leave an impact on the eyes of every visitor. At the same time, you need to collect unique
images that you will be posting on different pages to highlight your business.

Step 2: Create a WordPress website online

It is time to add the basic pages on your website. You need to focus on Homepage, Contact,
Services and preferably a Blog where you can keep on updating valuable content to engage
your audience. Depending upon the type of business you own and the theme of your
business, place the content and relevant images at the right place on different pages. Note

that the new WordPress website is often created with a blog view, you have to make
arrangements to change its settings to create the desired appearance online. Make sure you configure the homepage that you have created recently or create a regular page to work as Home instead.

Step 3: Choose your theme

Once the basics of your website are on track, and they are settled perfectly; it is time to find
a suitable theme for your business website. You will be happy to know that the WordPress
platform is loaded with a wide range of themes that users can choose as per the need of
their brand and niche.

Step 4: Create menu for your website

As you have selected suitable theme for your WordPress website; now move forward to
create a menu for the added pages. Menu helps visitors to ensure easy and fast navigation
of the website. The well-designed menu with a perfectly optimized website can help you to
keep your visitors satisfied, and it will naturally lead higher customer base online. When
people find your website easier to explore, they definitely love to return.

Step 5: Make it live

The moment when your website is complete, and you have added all the valuable
information to this platform; it is time to make your website live. As soon as your website is
online, it is time to put efforts on marketing campaigns to derive more traffic to your online

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Experts advise using advanced optimization techniques for WordPress website development
so that visitors can explore your website on all kind of gadgets with ease. WordPress can
help you to enjoy high-quality website development and hosting services online. Hope! This
discussion on how to make a website was useful for you all.

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