TUTORIALS : Step-by-step HTML and CSS for absolute beginners

This is a comprehensive and friendly course designed for beginners with no previous coding or programming experience. In this course, we’ll create a simple “Coming Soon” webpage using valid HTML5 and CSS3 code. As we build our webpage, we’ll cover: what tools you need to write HTML and CSS; how to use HTML to organize and manage the content of your webpage; how to use CSS to control the look of your webpage; and how to use web building tools such as code validators and color scheme generators.

Chapter 1: On your mark, get set… GO!
Getting started with HTML and CSS
Creating HTML and CSS files

Chapter 2: Adding content to your webpage using HTML
Learning HTML syntax
Adding headings and paragraph text
Using special characters
Adding web and email links
Adding images
Finding icons and other graphics
Making clickable images
Checking your HTML code for mistakes

Chapter 3: Controlling the look of your content with CSS
Adding CSS to your webpage
Learning CSS syntax
Changing fonts
Choosing a good color scheme
Changing colors on your webpage
Checking your CSS code for mistakes

Chapter 4: Publishing your webpage
Understanding FTP: File Transfer Protocol
Getting your files online using FTP
Editing your webpage online

Chapter 5: Putting it all together: Layout and design
Dividing sections of content using DIVs
Changing the background color of a section
Changing the width of a section
Centering content inside a section
Repositioning an entire section
Controlling the way links appear on your webpage
Changing your text to uppercase or lowercase
Categorizing your webpage content using classes
Repositioning images on your webpage
Changing the space around sections of content

Chapter 6: Getting fancy: Tweaking your webpage design
Making rounded corners
Tweaking line spacing
Changing the way a link appears when you hover over it
Adding a drop shadow effect
Creating special effects with images

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