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During this 6 hour advanced PHP course, discover the power of PHP as you take your website development skills to the next level. Your professional instructor combines practical lectures that ensure you have a solid grasp of the concepts with coding examples that include exercise files so you get real hands-on practice. Discover the use of strings, REGEX, runtime error handling, the use of file resources, manipulating file date including reading and parsing data in a CSV file format, and more!

Chapter 1 Introduction to PHP Advanced Course
Course Objectives; Review of the Basics – Part 1
Review of the Basics – Demo 1
Review of the Basics – Part 2
Review of the Basics – Demo 2
Review of the Basics – Part 3
Review of the Basics – Demo 3

Chapter 2 Functions, Date and Time, Debugging
Code Reuse, Feeding a Function, Return Data from a Function
Call-by-Value vs. Call-by-Reference – Demo
Date and Time Manipulation
How to Manipulate Date and Time – Demo
PHP Built-in Constants, Debugging PHP, and Application Logging
Debugging and Logging PHP – Demo 1
Debugging and Logging PHP – Demo 2

Chapter 3 Strings, REGEX, Runtime Error Handling
String Manipulation and Regular Expressions
String Manipulation Functions – Demo
Regular Expression Functions – Demo
Runtime Error Handling
Runtime Error Handling using PHP Exception Handling Mechanism
Manipulating Files with PHP
Reading and Parsing Data in Comma Separated Value Format – Demo

Chapter 4 Database Access, Design Patterns, Mail Funct
Database Storage
Database Connectivity – Demo
Design Patterns
Mail Function
Retrieving and Sending an E-mail using a PHP Function – Demo
Send E-mail using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol – Demo
PHP Extension and Application Repository
PHP Extension and Application Repository – Demo
Client URL
Basic cURL – Demo
Login to a Website and Post Status Update using cURL- Demo
Webscraping using cURL – Demo

Chapter 5 Web Services
Simple Object Access Protocol
NU SOAP Library – Demo
Web Services Description Language

Chapter 6 Introspection and Reflection
Introspection and Reflection
Introspection API – Demo
Reflection API – Demo

Chapter 7 Smarty Template
Smarty Templates
Smarty Template Engine for PHP – Demo 1
Smarty Template Engine for PHP – Demo 2

Chapter 8 Sessions
PHP Session Mechanism – Demo

Chapter 9 PHP Framework
CakePHP, Yii, Zend and Codelgniter

Chapter 10 Best Practices and Security
Best Practices
Use of Encryption – Demo

Chapter 11 Conclusion
Wrap up

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