TUTORIALS : Learn PHP Programming for Beginners

Discover the power of PHP as you take your website development skills to the next level. During this 6.5 hour PHP beginner course, discover the fundamental concepts you need to master PHP. You’ll learn the PHP syntax, development environment, and other basic concepts. Discover more advanced topics including database storage, object oriented development, using the standard PHP library, and basic SQL language commands. This course includes exercise example files.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Course Objectives and Introduction to PHP
PHP Development Environment; Whitespace and Comment; Exercise 1

Chapter 2 Variables, Syntax, Operators and Control
Variables; Exercise 2
Echo vs. Print; Single vs. Double Quotes
Controlling the Flow

Chapter 3 Defining Loops and Debugging
Repeating Codes
Debugging PHP

Chapter 4 Working with Arrays and Functions
Function; Code Reuse
Functions – Part 2
External PHP
Runtime Error Handling

Chapter 5 File Resources
Reading a File
Reading a Configuration File

Chapter 6 Forms and Superglobals
Form Processing; Superglobals

Chapter 7 Database Storage
Database Storage – Part 1
Database Storage – Part 2

Chapter 8 Object-Oriented Development
Object-Oriented Development – Part 1
Object-Oriented Development – Part 2
Object-Oriented Development – Part 3
Inheritance Demo
Exercise 9

Chapter 9 Security
Common Threats
Security Demo and Exercise 10

Chapter 10 PHP Library
PHP Built-in Constants and Standard PHP Library
Standard PHP Library Demo – Part 1
Standard PHP Library Demo – Part 2
SPL Data Structures and Exception Types
SPL Data Structures Demo
SPL Exception Types Demo; Exercise 11

Chapter 11 Design Pattern
Relational Database Management Systems and SQL Language
SQL Statement
Select Statement Demo – Part 1
Table Joins and Union
Select Statement Demo – Part 2
Joins Demo
Insert, Update and Delete Commands; Aggregate Functions
Queries and Store Procedure

Chapter 12 Design Pattern
Design Pattern Categories
Singleton Pattern Demo
Observer Pattern Demo

Chapter 13 Conclusion
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